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Corrosion Control using a Corrosion Management Program

Corrosion Control using a Corrosion Management Program

At Oil & Gas Corrosion, we help clients to control corrosion of oil and gas assets via the implementation of a Corrosion Management Program (CMP). Corrosion never stops, but corrosion control can be achieved by developing and implementing a CMP.

A Corrosion Management Programme, sometimes also referred to as Corrosion Management System, is a vital element of Asset Integrity Management.

A Corrosion Management Programme is the documented set of processes and procedures required for planning, executing, and continually improving the ability of an organization to manage the threat of corrosion for existing and future assets and asset systems.

We have experience developing, implementing and maintaining CMPs that are fully compliant with the requirements of world class oil and gas operators. Our approach is based on a Plan Do Check and Act (PDCA) methodology.

  • Plan: develop a corrosion management plan and SMART objectives to achieve corrosion control.
  • Do: carry out activities for corrosion control such as chemical injection, inspection, monitoring, sampling, etc.
  • Check: checking corrosion control activities have been achieved and assess their effectiveness through SMART objectives dashboards
  • Act: act upon the results of SMART objectives and improve corrosion control.

Since 2014, we have used a structured methodology when a client require us to develop and implement a Corrosion Management Program for an asset. We use this methodology for both new and existing assets. Our methodology is structured as follows:

  • Gap analysis: Existing operator framework for asset management will be reviewed for compliance.
  • Review of design documentation for new and existing equipment.
  • Development of a Corrosion Management Plan based on the following foundation:
    • Work Processes
    • Risk-Assessment
    • Competency, Training, Roles and Responsibilities
    • Technologies for Corrosion Management
    • Performance Measurement
    • Reviews and Continuous Improvement
    • Gap analysis for existing assets.
    • Review of performance

The outcome is a Corrosion Management Plan founded on the methodology shown below and ultimate the operator achieves corrosion control.


These principles can be deployed to all Oil and Gas operations, from pipeline integrity management to coating and Cathodic Protection management. Call us to find out how we can help you minimise risks through corrosion management.

We can help you to achieve corrosion control by implementing a Corrosion Management Plan.


With a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry, we provide independent materials and corrosion consultancy to help companies reduce risk, save money and apply best practice in their oil and gas businesses.

Find out more by getting in touch – you’ll get an answer from a qualified, experienced materials engineer every time.


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