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Position: Materials Engineer (full time)

Overview: OGC Energy has an opportunity for a graduate to join our engineering team in Sheffield. The role will appeal to graduates who have completed a degree in Materials Engineering and graduates from other engineering disciplines who are keen to start a career in materials engineering.

The successful candidate will become an active member of a dynamic and highly skilled team, working in consultancy projects for the energy industry. The main responsibilities of the materials engineer are:

  • Evaluate and quantify damage mechanisms in operating assets (e.g. offshore wind farms, hydrocarbon production platforms, carbon capture systems)
  • Carry out materials selection for energy projects in line with client and international requirements
  • Develop, review and maintain materials specifications for energy projects including carbon steel for piping and structural applications, stainless steels and nickel alloys for downhole equipment
  • Design of corrosion prevention and mitigation systems such as corrosion inhibitor and cathodic protection
  • Prediction, modelling and mitigation of materials degradation
  • Coordinate third party laboratory work on behalf of clients (e.g. material and corrosion testing)

This position requires:

  • Knowledge of materials engineering and principles of microstructure-processing-properties dependencies and interactions
  • Understanding of corrosion and environmentally assisted cracking (e.g. sulfide stress cracking)
  • Strong understanding of ferrous metallurgy
  • Basic knowledge of corrosion resistant alloys such as nickel, titanium and cobalt
  • Understanding of non-metallic materials (e.g. polymers and elastomers) and coatings used for corrosion protection
  • Numerical skills 
  • proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail


Candidates are invited to send their CV to office@ogcenergy.com

Office Assistant

This vacancy is advertised on behalf of the GOVERNMENT KICKSTART SCHEME. To make an application please contact your Work Coach at the Job Centre.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: You must be claiming Universal Credit and be aged 16-24 years

The office assistant is responsible for a wide range of administrative task that provide assistance to the wider business.

Role and Responsibilities 

These tasks include project delivery support tasks such as:

  • Updating weekly progress report.
  • Filling timesheets.
  • Maintaining delivery Calendar.
  • Taking the minutes of meetings.
  • Keeping records of received data and updating tasks reports.

These activities will allow the successful candidate to develop basic project management skills learning skills such as leadership, communication, scheduling and task management. The successful candidate will also gain knowledge to state-of-the-art cloud solutions for project management. The successful candidate will gain these project management skills and knowledge with the support of training provided by the company and continuous mentoring by a member of the company leadership.

Tasks also include assistance to other business functions such as accounting, involving filing and basic bookkeeping. Through these activities, the successful candidate will gain skills such as attention to detail, numeracy, organising records, general data entry. These skills will be developed with continuous training and support from the company.

Other general activities assigned to this role include widespread internal and external communication and interfacing responsibilities such as telephone and catch all email, postage and parcel delivery/dispatching. The successful candidate will gain skills such as customer service, verbal and written communication, adaptability and other organizational skills.

To make an application please contact your Work Coach at the Job Centre.


Position: Engineering Intern (summer placement)


Duration: 7 weeks to be completed between 2021-06-01 and 2021-07-31.

Hours per week: 30

Profile: Final year BSc, BEng students, master or doctorate students.

Role details: We have 1 (one) opportunity for a candidate looking to take the first steps in their career and who is keen to work within the energy sector, with a focus on materials and corrosion. The role offers an opportunity to gain insight into a company providing materials engineering services to the energy industry. The role will primarily focus on supporting the engineering team in delivering consultancy projects by undertaking a range of technical and project management activities in the following areas:

  • Metallic materials in energy applications and corrosion databases assessment
  • Corrosion assessment and materials selection for diverse energy projects
  • Heat and mass balances and modelling of upstream process
  • Piping design and sizing for offshore and onshore pipelines as well as process piping
  • Project management support for projects across the energy sector, including oil & gas, CCUS, hydrogen transport, geothermal and offshore wind.

The main activities include:

  • Collating technical information for existing projects
  • Updating technical reports 
  • Verification of information in technical documents
  • Software validation.

This position requires:

  • Knowledge of basic engineering principles 
  • Numerical skills 
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to show initiative.


Candidates are invited to send their CV to office@ogcenergy.com


Applicants must have the right to work in the UK