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Users of BP Cassandra excel file have migrated to cloud solutions.

Users of BP Cassandra excel file have migrated to cloud solutions.

Cassandra was BP’s implementation of the DeWaard-Milliams CO2 corrosion model including BP
experience in using this model. BP Cassandra was internally distributed in BP and it includes a pH calculation considering CO2 content, temperature and full water chemistry.

“Cassandra 98” was BP’s implementation of the 1991, 1993 and 1995 CO2 corrosion prediction models published by De Waard et al. A version of Cassandra 98 was available as a spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. The distribution file was an executable file that installed all excel macros and demo folders for corrosion calculations

Cassandra was a proprietary software fully owned by BP and no longer in development. Modified copies of the file “BPcassandra.xls” and “BPcassandra.xlm”circulate in the internet and provide incorrect results.

Many users of BP Cassandra have migrated to alloyselect.com, a cloud based corrosion assessment software. If you need to do a corrosion assessment you can use alloyselect.com

alloyselect.com is an online software for materials selection of oil and gas assets that allows the user to carry out a corrosion assessment considering not only corrosion rates by CO2 but also evaluate the risk of sulfide stress corrosion due to H2S. alloyselect.com also allows you to select corrosion resistant alloys for sour service and verify material test reports (MTRs)

with alloy select you can use data from reservoir and process conditions; alloy select uses an AI algorithm to determine sour service severity, corrosion rates, pH and other threats to the integrity of your asset. alloy select can also determine suitability of carbon steel and corrosion allowance requirements

alloy select uses AI algorithms to identify suitable materials from a library of more than 300 different carbon and low alloy steels, cast irons and corrosion resistant alloys. alloy select library of codes and standards is continuously updated to comply with regulatory requirements.

alloy select helps you verify a selected material complies with one or more industry standards. AI algorithms analyse chemical, mechanical and processing data from Material Certificates to verify compliance with code and standards such as NACE MR0175, API 5CT and API6A

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